Making Work Together


Producing performance and participatory work under the WeStaged moniker, Katy Noakes collaborates with artists and organisations to create the best conditions for artists to make their best work, and for people to enjoy it. Valuing inclusion and audience development, WeStaged creates pathways and productions that build bridges between genres and new audiences, with particular focus on dance and performance in public spaces. 
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Evoking the heady collectivism and iconography of UK club culture, ‘Shuffle’ sees the audience take part as voting club goers, engaged in a call and response with DJ and dancers. Part performance, part gamewill we like what we make together?

Lea Anderson’s

Trying It On

A performed exhibition from leading choreographer, Lea Anderson


Found & Light Steps

Participatory dance and live music for small people who ask big questions

Lea Anderson & Compañía Danza PUCP


Peru based Compañía Danza PUCP premiere a new work directed by choreographer and self-styled professor of historical misconstruction, Lea Anderson, for their first UK Tour.

Roxana Vilk

Lullabies (R&D)

Across our city’s skies at night…..
A multi-disciplinary work by Roxana Vilk and Bristol’s migrant communities

Ladies and Gentlemen

Cholmondeley Productions

Inspired by Music Hall, Lea Anderson’s ‘Ladies & Gentlemen’ is a beguiling and jocular soirée of magic, music and dance. A witty and absorbing visual spectacle where choreography, music and design conjure the all but forgotten stage show of six eccentric, has-been performers, besieged by ever shifting, inscrutable props.


Ila Project

Meaning ‘line’ in Yoruba, DancingStrong’s Ila Project connected schools and museums in the UK and USA, working with children as creative consultants

Dance Village

at Bristol Harbour Festival

Performance and participation showcasing the diversity of dance today

Funk The Trinity

Supporting young battle producers

The Bristol Beat

A short film made for Bristol Harbour Festival , featuring choreography by New Art Club and original music by Makala Cheung, with performances by the people of Bristol. And some boats.

The Giant’s Story

Performance, participation and film created by Pavilion Dance South West with Second Hand Dance Company and regional artists, to connect the bi-annual Big Dance with the Summer Reading Challenge


An 18 month talent development programme that saw Tony Adigun and Avant Garde Dance Company work with young men to create performance and film, and to achieve Gold Arts Awards

Avant Garda Dance with Re:Position young men's project, 'Taxi' at Dance Village, photo by Mark Simmons

Sixty Second Spotlights

A series of short films to spotlight dance artists, made for the BBC Big Screen at Millenium Square, Bristol.

Dancing with the Crystal Ball

A future facing day to support dance artists’ resilience and explore what dance might look and feel like tomorrow. Produced for NARC.

Beyond the Box

A series of photographs created by artists with photographer Irven Lewis.