WeStaged is Katy Noakes and friends.

Collaborating with artists and cultural organisations to make their best work, WeStaged works with artists to help develop, fund and realise their vision and with the wider sector through strategic and development work – designing and delivering programmes, initiatives and events, building partnerships, research and evaluation.

Formed in 2012 by Katy Noakes, WeStaged operated as ReStaged until 2020 (the name no longer being tenable for a producer who can’t pronounce her ‘R’s’!). Valuing equalities and inclusion, Katy has a background in arts development and has worked extensively to support culturally marginalised artists and art forms.  

Enjoying art that challenges ideas of who gets to create and work that is performed in the public realm, Katy’s services and key skills include: project design, development and fundraising; building strategy and policy, widening inclusion and participation, event and tour management, marketing and evaluation design, artist support and mentoring. Current and recent work includes:

Katy is a founding member of the Bristol Dance Futures Steering Group, SW Dance & Museums Network Steering Group, Pavilion Dance South West Equalities Group & Regional Dance Matters Groups. 

Contact at katy@westaged.net.

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