“A mesmerising show of physical expertise…Exciting to be in the packed house and experience how the audience responded vocally throughout with yelps, whoops, clapping and cheeky shouts. Refreshingly different!”

Audience Feedback
Arnolfini 25.11.22; Autumn Tour; Shuffle

A new interactive dance work directed by Lea Anderson.

Born from a desire to create a different way to shape dance, Shuffle is a new interactive performance that casts the audience as voting clubgoers.

Based on the random track selection of an iPod Shuffle and emulating the call and response relationship between the club dance floor and the DJ, Shuffle invites the audience to vote for sections of performance to shuffle or rewind.

Combining dynamic hip-hop, street and funk style dance forms from three thrilling world-class dance artists and a dance floor soundtrack, Shuffle takes us on a time-bending night out, presenting moments whose order and length and selected by the audience

Designed for simple, immediate and accessible interaction, Shuffle’s host – the benevolent, but sometimes temperamental, DJ IPod – will guide you through the voting. Interruptible and interactive, each performance is unique to the audience’s response.

The work contains the element of surprise; gratifying, thrilling, and risky by turns.

“This had all the ingredients of a perfect audience experience, and it 100 percent delivered on all of them. The crowd was a united, jubilant chorus of raucous approval throughout, and I have been unashamedly trying to recreate it in my kitchen ever since.”

Bristol 24/7, Bristol’s Best Cultural Events of 2022

Following successful UK Autumn Touring in 2022, Shuffle is now available for bookings for Autumn 2023.

Shuffle Trailer

Shuffle Promo Video


Choreography – Lea Anderson with Paris Crossley, Frankie Johnson, Lewis Norman & Chiara Saporito

Dance Artists -Chiara Stella Sapurito, Frankie Johnson, Lewis Norman

Designer – Marty Langthorne

Director – Lea Anderson

Filmmaker – Christopher Lewis-Smith

Filmmaker’s Assistant – Milo Godwin- Coombs

Marketing Support & Creative
Connectors Co-ordination – Aisha Ali

Musical Director & Sound Designer – Steve Blake

Musical Supervisor – Karey Fisher

Photography – Ibolya Feher, Esther Lewis-Smith, Mark Simmons

Producer & Concept – Katy Noakes, WeStaged

Production Manager – Frazer Riches

Rehearsal Director – Frankie Johnson

Wardrobe – Jason Jules

thanks to R&D collaborators

Critical Friend-  Malcolm Hamilton, Mufti Games

Dance Artist – Paris Crossley

DJ – Mijanou Blech

Dramaturge – Liz Clarke

Design – Ruth Ramsay

Filmmaker – Ryan Francis

Online Sharing Manager – Tim Lo

Vote Design & Fabrication – The Factory, Knowle West Media Centre

Shuffle Programmers Pack – download here

Shuffle Marketing Pack – download here

Photo: Mark Simmons
Photo: Mark Simmons
Photo: Mark Simmons

Dance Connect Residency

We’re delighted to share that Katy has received a Dance Connect residency through Bristol Dance Futures to collaborate with the brilliant team and community at Knowle West Media Centre.

The residency will explore the synergies between KWMC’s resources , expertise and communities, and new models for audiences to participate in making and enjoying dance performance. We will respond to KWMC’s ambition to find appropriate strategies and synergies to support creative dance work through conversation and testing of ideas around democratic making.

Grounding the residency in wider Shuffle R&D that seeks to expand the traditional ‘learn the section, perform the section’ models of participatory performance, the producer and dance artists will be supported to learn about and experiment with creative technologies for participation and production, while forging new relationships with audiences and creative collaborators.

Over the year we will work with KWMC’s young creatives, KWMC: The Factory makers, and the local community to look at what combinations of mood, movement, music and visuals make us tick. 

For more information on Dance Connect and Bristol Dance Futures please click here

For more information on KWMC please click here


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