Do You Make Dance Music?

We would like to source up to ten tracks for the soundtrack of a new dance theatre production, Shuffle. We are looking for ready-made and recorded tracks to licence for use in the production on a non-exclusive basis.

What is Shuffle?

Based on the chance play order of an iPod Shuffle and highlighting the call and response relationship between the club dance floor and the DJ, Shuffle is a new interactive dance work that invites the audience to vote for sections to shuffle or rewind.

Combining dynamic hip hop and street dance forms from three thrilling dance artists and a dance floor soundtrack, Shuffle takes us on a time-bending trip through a night out, presenting moments whose order and length are selected by the audience.

What do we mean by dance music?

Reflecting UK club culture, we are interested in a broad range of dance music from dancehall to house, drum and bass and afro beats; with or without vocal; joyous, edgy or mellow. Our only stipulation is that the tracks are profanity free.

How your music will be used:

We will select sections of your tracks to feature in a soundtrack of contrasting moods and moments. We’ll use various lengths of sections, some short, some longer, from 45 secs upwards.  For tracks that are used during a voting section, our Musical Director will create remixes that will be played for ‘rewind’ versions of the choreography. All musical contributors will be credited alongside the cast and creative team. Please note, final production and touring of the work in 2022/23 is pending funding.


We can offer a non-exclusive licence to use your work during the production as described above, for a period of up to two years. Fees payable will be at £90 per 60 seconds /minute of the selected tracks.


The Director, Musical Director and Producer will shortlist from submitted tracks before workshopping choreography for the final selection. We will notify successful applicants by 12 November. We apologise that we don’t have capacity to provide feedback to all applicants on this occasion.

How to apply:

Shuffle is supported through a Bristol Dance Futures ‘Dance Connect’ residency with Knowle West Media Centre (KWMC) in Bristol. While this call out isn’t limited to makers in Knowle, we are keen to prioritise tracks made by the local community and music makers with connections to South Bristol and the city of Bristol.

Please submit up to three tracks as MP3 or weblink by email to by 1 October 2021.

In your email, please provide:

  • Confirmation that you are the author/owner of the track/s submitted
  • A short description of the music (mood/tempo/BPM)
  • Your name as to appear in credits
  • Your location if you live in, or have a connection to Knowle West.
  • Any questions?: Please email
  • For more information on Shuffle please visit

Shuffle R&D is supported by:

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